Small & Advanced Panels > Magelis XBT Gtw
Graphic terminals with touch screen display available in three sizes :
8", 12" and 15"
Multimedia capabilities with installed Media Player
Streaming Video, Webcam management and sound from an integrated output.
Web functions
View all Web pages locally or remotely for easy diagnostics and maintenance.
Dual Ethernet, compact flash card slot, 4 USB ports, PCMCIA slots on the 15”, access all the PC world peripherals: USB storage units (memory key, external hard disc, DVD player/burner, etc.), USB user interface (keyboard, mouse, etc.), PCMCIA communication card (wireless network, etc.).
Comfortable user interface
High definition display of sensitive colourful touch screen.
Wide viewing angle up to 160°, optimum contrast and brightness.
USB port on front panel. Simplified upgrading thanks to dimensions identical to Magelis XBT GT.
Access standard software with Windows
If the Magelis XBT GTW terminal is already familiar to you, it’s because it uses a Windows environment and allows you to navigate freely on the Web. Associated with Vijeo Designer configuration software, you multiply its potential and benefit from true multimedia functions.
Complex machines.
Infrastructure & automation in Building.