Small & Advanced Panels > Magelis XBT Gk
Ultra-flexible user interface
Touch screen and keypad keys configurable simultaneously or separately.
Function keys customisable with labels (Fi keys) or associated screen pictograms (Ri keys).
Industrial pointer to execute precise commands on-screen.
Alphanumeric keypad using mobile phone keypad principle.
3-colour LEDs associated with function keys to signal command status.
Improved key sensitivity for visual machine control.
Communication capacity
Serial ports, USB ports, Fast Ethernet ports.
Audio output.
Compact flash card.
Dedicated to severe environments
Magelis XBT GK graphic terminals share their technical characteristics with Magelis XBT GTs. Ultra-flexible, they can be configured and controlled to precisely match your requirements. Particularly designed to operate in severe environments, they offer the reassurance of optimum control on keypad as well as touch screen! Easily programmable using Vijeo Designer software, Magelis XBT GK faithfully reproduces your dialogue in all circumstances.
Complex machines, severe environment, machine safety.
Metal industries.