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About Gayatri Control and Automation Private Limited
Established in 1995, Gayatri Control and Automation Private Limited (GCAPL) has in span of just 15 years taken giant strides and carved a unique niche for itself as a leader in the world of Control Panels. An ISO 9001:2008 company since 2003, GCAPL’s name is today a recognised and very well established name known in the Automation Industry for its top end quality Control Panels -- custom made as per the requirements and specification of different customers. Thanks to the approach of providing consistent, accurate and quality products, GCAPL has successfully developed a wide customer base not only in Gujarat and India but also overseas.

GCAPL manufactures Control Panels to meet needs and requirements of different industries – from plastic machinery to road construction machinery, rolling mills to material handling equipments, air compressors to printing and packaging machinery. Also on the anvil are plans to further expand the scope to other manufacturing industries.

Other than our standard range, we have the highest technological capabilities to offer suitable tailor made system as per specific requirements of the customer. We have the skills to offer value addition at low development lead time and cost.
Infrastructure Gayatri
At GCAPL we have ultra modern manufacturing unit with the latest infrastructure and testing facilities to supply the perfect quality product to our customers. The technologically advanced machinery serves as the backbone and plays a pivotal role in our technocrats’ proficiency to deliver astonishing results. We have a team of highly qualified and self motivated professionals – both on the technology front and the sales and marketing side who set standards to meet the most rigid specifications. Customers get the necessary guidance and advice to choose the best option available form a wide array of choices. An option that is not only the best but which is cost effective and meets the specific requirements. Team Gayatri believes in keeping adaptability, productivity, quality and delivery on the forefront and this provides a holistic growth to every individual efforts.
Team Gayatri
GCAPL’s core team includes technocrats who are self motivated and dedicated to deliver results with stringent specifications and within a specified time frame. This team works round the clock to not only offer the best to the customer but also the latest. This has helped GCAPL in creating a very good market demand for its range of products. At GCAPL we give foremost importance to customer’s pre-requisites and offer our valuable inputs so as to generate immaculate results.

Apart from our ready to install standard range of products, GCAPL offers to its valuable customers, the alternative to opt for custom-made and tailor-made products to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

GCAPL also has an excellent team of sales and marketing professionals to carry out not only the pre-sales work but provide the most satisfying post and after sales service also with the help of sincere service technicians. There is indeed a strong inclination in our team to provide paramount satisfaction to all our esteemed customers. We hold strong judgmental decisions with spot-on service which holds the key to our timely after sales service. Our rational decisions and quick actions save the most important aspect of every business – “TIME.”

GCAPL offers value addition at low development lead time and cost.
Design & Development:
At GCAPL our guiding mantra is innovative designs and developments. The endeavour of our “Quality Assurance” team is to work on new designs and developments to help our ever increasing customer base to save both power and money. For creating a unique product, we strongly insist on utilising creativity in all our products and this had indeed proved to be our cutting edge in all our designs. This also serves the purpose of constant innovation for the betterment of our customers’ along with fulfilling the mandatory need have cost effectiveness. Our continuous effort on this front has placed us in a position where our company has become synonymous with “QUALTIY ASSURANCE.”

Valuable inputs from our esteemed customers are always welcome. At the end of the day, it is our customers who have extended us a helping hand to change on a continuous basis. And this change is the reason behind our phenomenal growth by leaps and bounds. Timely contributions from our clients have played an important role in our Success Mantra.
Our company has scrupulously followed one golden principle -- Never Compromise on Quality. And this has placed us as one of the front runners in the industry. Owing to this we have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for our quality standards and have also been recognized as per the German standards since 2003. A constant and continuous approach to develop new products coupled with GCAPL’s unwavering focus on catering to the needs of the industry has reaped rich dividends. It has helped GCAPL business grow exponentially and prepare for the changes and challenges of future. All products of GCAPL rely on our own expertise and technological skills with much appreciated inputs from our valued customers without resorting to any collaboration and technical assistance from outside.

With total satisfaction to customers being of paramount importance to us, no wonder, GCAPL products have earned a name for giving optimum perform in the most trying of circumstances with unparalleled satisfaction levels.

GCAPL’s emphasis on Quality, Productivity, Delivery and HRD has further added to the company’s fast track growth.
At GAYATRI CONTROL & AUTOMATION PVT LTD we are committed to design, manufacture and supply digital instruments, drives and control panels to our customers in time and to their total satisfaction.

We will maintain market leadership in our business through continuous improvement in our product quality and providing our customers timely services through dedicated and trained employees and by conceptualising latest technologies.
Safety is Top Priority
CE marking is a mandatory marking for product safety. It is a must for all the products being placed in the market. At GCAPL, the safety levels of all the products is attuned and raised during the process of harmonization. In most of the European countries, safety and health has already been the subject of directives for many years but the safety level is not always satisfactory.
Customer Care
GCAPL’s philosophy is total customer satisfaction because the belief here is CUSTOMER IS THE KING. At Gayatri it is the Customer who is important and not the size of the order! We strongly advocate the philosophy that each customer’s specific need should be satisfied. Commitment to quality, competitive pricing structure, timely delivery and an all-round assurance for customer support has continuously added new customers to GCAPL’s customers list while retaining, strengthening and consolidating ties with the old. GCAPL boasts of long term relationships with most of its customers.

As a company whose success derives from its fully committed and close working partnerships with its customers, GCAPL believes a customer should be happy with the system performance and how GCAPL products help in overall improvement in work environment and reduction in labour inputs.

As a company whose success derives from a close working partnership with its customers, our focus at GCAPL is on providing a positive and flexible approach towards customer needs through our highly professional and cost effective comprehensive solutions and service capabilities.

”Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

Come to GCAPL for all your Control Panel needs and experience the difference!

At GCAPL we take this opportunity to extend our genuine and sincere thanks and gratitude to all our highly valuable and esteemed clients who has posed and invested immense trust in our company.

As the legendary Henry Ford had rightly said,