Established in 1995, Gayatri Control and Automation Private Limited (GCAPL) has in span of just 15 years taken giant strides and carved a unique niche for itself as a leader in the world of Control Panels. An ISO 9001:2008 company since 2003, GCAPL’s name is today a recognised and very well established name known in the Automation Industry for its top end quality Control Panels -- custom made as per the requirements and specification of different customers. Thanks to the approach of providing consistent, accurate and quality products...
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PACs > Modicon M340
Specific applications
» Integrated RTU solution for Water, O&G, Power and Infrastructures
» Process control (Integrated Process Control library)
» High density analog I/O modules (New)
» Counting PTO module
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Controllers (PLC & PAC) > Logic controller - Modicon M258
Improve your machine performance
» Independent axis up to16 axes
» Typical digital I/O needs: up to 2400 I/Os
» Typical analog IO needs: analogue I/O: 12 ou16 Bits resolution
» Advanced features: HSC / Reflex output / Event Tasks Peripheral devices :
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Controllers (PLC & PAC) > Modicon M238
Advanced Features Embedded
» 8 high speed counting up to 100kHz, 4 PTO/PWM (only with 24VDC models )    outputs, fast outputs for reflex actions
» 1 or 2 RS232/RS485 serial line for HMI connection or peripherals devices
» Removable connectors 1 dedicated USB port and programmable
» SoMachine software with ready-to-use automation system function libraries
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Controllers (PLC) > Smart relays - Zeleo Logic
More innovations
» Narrower product (45 mm wide)
» EVertical mounting, side-by-side or sideways
» Circuit-breaker connected directly to the product (same 45 mm width)
» Embedded Bluetooth®: remote adjustment and parameter setting via     mobile phone or PC
» Configuration with the power off in its original packaging
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